Monumental Calvary

In the upper area of San Cataldo, stands the "monumental complex of Calvary"..

Built in 1854 and recently underwent restoration and was returned to its splendor and the whole population.

The artistic complex, unique in the world, was recently enhanced with the installation of 18 ceramic panels the size of 1,60 x 2 meters or so, in low range, including 14 representatives of the traditional moments of the Via Crucis (holy stations) and Via Lucis.

The ceramic panels, represent a work carried out with the aim to reproduce in a modern way, the functionality of the old chapels containing groups sacred paper mache, depicting scenes of the Via Crucis, traditionally named "vare" and they were made by the best artisan schools of Italy. The rites of Holy Week are the "Calvary" of San Cataldo are destination of many faithful who come from different cities of Sicily.

The monumental complex of Calvary, with its impressive and imposing staircase, is also the scene of various events such as festivals, fashion shows and theatre performances. In fact, in this monumental complex, every year, there is the "Scinnenza" event historically dating back over 150 years ago, when it commemorates the crucifixion and death of Christ, followed by a long procession that accompanies the urn funeral towards the Mother Church.