Church of St. Joseph

Built after the first half of 1600 and rebuilt in the first half of 700, the church of St. Joseph in San Cataldo was seriously damaged by a landslide, but later, in the nineteenth century was restored and refurbished; and further on enlarged by Isidoro Amico.

The high altar, dedicated to St. Joseph and the eight side altars were created by Lopez in 1891 on behalf of Cardinal Don Biagio Asaro.
It is a three-nave church, along the vertical line of the front, at the sides, stand the statues of St. Joseph and Jesus, imposing on the Piazza St. Joseph, in a city architecturally compatible and long lived by the inhabitants of San Cataldo.

The painter Gela Emanuele Catanese was the author of the frescoes of the vault and the luxurious flooring is made at the initiative of the priest Don Giuseppe Sant'Angelo in 1919. The prospectus in marble of the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, was rebuilt by Don Calogero Cammarata. The church of San Giuseppe, currently, is open to the public only for the celebration of marriage rites and at some festivals during the year.