Mustigarufi protected area

The wooded area of Mustigarufi, became a protected area in 1992 by the will of WWF Italy Nostra together with that of Gabbara. In addition to vast areas in eucalyptus, very extensive and free of undergrowth, there are also oak woods with rich undergrowth.

For lovers of nature excursions nothing is missing, the wooded area is also equipped for relaxing walks to adventurous trips on mountain bike and quad or tours on horseback to discover the uniqueness of this beautiful wooded area.

Different and scattered all along the way, are the ruins and remnants of farms, and homes belonging to the population of farm workers in the area who left the countryside and moved to cities. It was just in that period in which a large part of the territory, between the zones of Gabbara and Mustigarufi, was converted into woods. Approaching these walls now falling, you can still imagine the life within them, the tranquility of the countryside and the everyday life, the simplicity typical of the farmers in the strenuous days spent immersed among nature and animals.

Along the way there are also some areas with tables and benches, barbecues and toilets, the picnic area most frequented was organized by the Forest Service in proximity to the provincial road 22 in the northeast of In the Mustigarufi, near the end of the path, there is an old farmhouse, renovated, once inhabited by farmers who worked the land.
The farmhouse is in stone, with wood trim, with a large area in front populated by gravel.

From outside you can also peer inside through the wide entrance gate, a well of water at the center of the ground outside also in stone.
On the roof, on the left side, there is a crucifix indicative of the existence of a chapel, probably a place of prayer for the workers of the place.
In this pleasant setting, they are also derived a toilet area for tourists without spoiling the outside the building, making it instead a useful service to guests coming in just before the last point of interest and exit from the protected area.

At the entrance of the area of the barn, just where there is a special wooden sign carved Mustigarufi, is a charming and intimate area equipped with tables and benches in rough wood, ideal for relaxing picnics. Contrary to what one might imagine, these areas, apparently deserted, are very much frequented by sportsmen, tourists and curious locals who take advantage of the good weather, they find themselves in close contact with nature just a few steps from home.