The Mother Church and the Cathedral

The Cathedral was built by the Baron and Marquis of San Cataldo, Vincenzo Galletti, the Mother Church of San Cataldo, is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary.

It has the title of arcipretura, so the pastors that govern take the title of archpriest. The bishops letter of Agrigento is dated 18 August 1632. Built as a basilica plan with a central dome,it was designed according to the canons of Baroque architecture and the Tridentine instances related to the evangelization of the peasant masses. In 1695 the church was completely rebuilt as it appears today, due to a collapse that affected the chapel of San Cataldo and the Crucifix.

A majestic bell tower retains the same Tuscan architecture, with six bronze bells, which completes the magnificent facade. Inside the temple, on the main altar you can admire a painting of the Nativity of Mary, attributed to the architect Giovan Battista Vaccarini. The temple is set on two sets of columns that divide it into three naves, cross-shaped, with a magnificent dome in the middle.

The soil of the Chapel rises above steps with marble balustrade, which rise above other steps to the High Altar. Side of the Chapel. Two chapels closed with marble balustrades and doors of bronze in low range.

On the left the Divinity and the right for the Patron San Cataldo. The organ of the Cathedral Church is the work of renowned artist Michael Andronico from Palermo, 1745. Numerous works of art , among statues, crucifixes, paintings of value are kept in the church. In the year 1654, he attached to the mother church, the Oratory of SS. Sacramento that was founded by Don Ignazio Friend, when it was founded in the brotherhood of the SS. Sacramento.