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Walking around San Cataldo

Walking paths with car parking at the entrance of the city.


La chiesa del Santissimo Rosario

The Church of the Holy Rosary

The route starts from the parking of Largo Santa Fara. The first stop is the The church of the Most Holy Rosary, che dista 350 mt.
The bell and clock tower are visibile.


La Chiesa Madre e il DuomoThe Mother Church and the Cathedral

Following the route, after 340 meters you will find the The Mother Church and the Cathedral
From this point you can follow the path of Via Umberto to visit the next stop, the Church of St. Joseph.


La chiesa di San Giuseppe

The church of San Giuseppe

Just 150 meters away, normally closed to the public except in special cases. To visit inside, you need to contact the caretaker of the Mother church.


Torre civica con orologi

Civic Tower with clocks

After 220 meters along the path are the Civic Tower with clocks. It is possibile to reach it by foot through the wide staircase that starts at the clock way. Nearby you can also park.


Complesso monumentale del Calvario

Monumental Calvary

Following the route to other 370 meters we come to the Monumental Calvary. Easily accessible by car. Not open to visitors inside except on rare occasions. The works can be observed clearly through the glass. Parking is easily spotted along the way.
End of the walking path.